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14 June 2010 @ 10:25 pm
can't trust that day  
 It feels like Tuesday today. I like to think of it as Saturday. My first day of work each week is Wednesday...I only work four days a week - lucky me. But all day I've had to remind myself that i *don't* have to go to work tomorrow. Hurray!  

Of course, summer vaca started here, and the teenagers next door have been reveling in the fact that they don't have to go to school tomorrow, either. Right now there is some gawd awful car outside with a crap stereo system trying to "thump". Grrrrr.....it's even worse than the ones that can actually thump! Just annoying when you can hear the rattling of the POS car over the thumping, ya know? And it's not that I'm old, cause I've always felt that way. hmph. 

I hit the goodwill today. I need a couple of things...one of those hanging, three tiered baskets that you put fruit and stuff in. We have one, but it's always full. And I have no cupboards, really, so we thought another one would be useful. Picked it up for $2. I also got a glass butter dish. I've been using plastic, but we decided to just get rid of all the plastic. There's all that stuff about the chemicals in the plastics and you can't microwave them, or even put them into the dishwasher without poisoning yourself, apparently. So screw it! I'm throwing it all out. I'll use glass and saran wrap. What the heck.  Of course while I was there I also found this cute little framed picture that I loved and had to have and a coffee mug, that looks like it might be hand made and glazed. It says "made in Alaska" on the bottom, but no name. I love stuff like that. And the colors are beautiful. Won't be able to put that bad boy in the microwave either, though.  I guess I'll just have to make fresh coffee every day. ha! 

Speaking of which...two days now - coffee, no headache. Not a good sign! I usually drink tea at work, so I guess if I stick with tea, that works. I do love me some coffee, though. 

Greg and I looked up airfare to Wilmington today - got it for all three of us for under $1000! Amazing! I never thought it would happen, to tell you the truth. So we'll be in Wilmington from Oct. 3 -13th, barring any unforeseen mishaps. Hurray!  I love having something to look forward to! And October is the perfect time of year to be in Wilmington. Hopefully the weather will still be nice, but not too humid. We'll be attending a wedding while we're there - hence the whole family traveling this time. We're thinking of trying to drive to Monticello in Virginia while we're there, too. Don't know if that will happen or not. Right now I'm thinking we'll have our hand full just with Wilmington. But who knows? Maybe we can talk some of our friends into going there with us. That would be spectacular! 

I'm off to wax the husband. Whee! 
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