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19 October 2010 @ 11:07 am
 Hello Autumn.
It's nice to see you. We sort of thought you stopped by for a bit in August, which was a nasty surprise, by the way. Don't do that again. 

I am in a much more Autumn friendly mood after our trip to North Carolina last week. It was so beautiful there! When we left, it was in the 80's, not too humid, blue sky and a breeze. Aaaaahhhhhh.....I truly did not want to come home. We even swam in the *80* degree water of the Atlantic Ocean. Divine.

So now we're back home. The weather has been lovely for Autumn in the NW. sunny and crisp. The leaves are turning. We spent yesterday out in the yard mowing, cleaning up and generally getting ready for winter.  The one thing I'm miffed about is that in our garden, we had only ONE pumpkin that got to any size (three others are quite small, but still useable). It was just turning orange when we were leaving and I was looking forward to coming home and seeing my nice big, orange pumpkin. Alas! We got home at like, 11:30pm, and the FIRST thing I notice??? Some jerk has stolen my pumpkin right out of the garden!!  Yes they did. I just can't believe it. Well, okay, since we actually had gas siphoned right out the gas tank of our old truck last month, while it sat in the driveway, I guess I can believe it. But still! The nerve! Whomever took it better hope that I don't catch them in my garden again, because I have a fully functional sling-shot and a deadly aim. Turkeys. 

I went ahead and picked the smaller pumpkin, just to make sure it was not in danger of being absconded with. My cosmos are still blooming like crazy. Some of the transplanted ones are almost as tall as the roof! Crazy. I guess they like it here. We still have onions, carrots and cabbage in the garden, along with the three other small pumpkins that are still green. Other than that, the garden is done for the season. 

The chickens are all doing well. In fact - funny chicken story! 
Yesterday when we were out in the yard, we let all the girls out to graze for a while. They haven't been laying much this last week, so we thought we could encourage them a bit. Greg was threatening Dumpling and Little with a one time ticket to the stew pot, because they haven't laid anything in the last week. They had all been out for probably an hour when Apple raced into the hen house clucking so she could lay an egg. Cute! Then I'm watching Dumpling, and she's acting like she's trying to poop, but then I was like, she's not trying to poop, she's trying to lay! I got Greg and Nick over to watch and lay an egg she did....right there, on the grass in front of us. The other girls sort of stood next to her quietly waiting and when she was done, everyone just walked away, clucking again. Ha! Good girl! Saved you're neck from the chopping block, didn't ya? heh. 

It definitely looks like we won't be getting many eggs this winter, though. Maybe three a day, if we're lucky. The girls are slowing down, for sure. Lemon is molting like crazy, so I wonder if she'll lay more when she's done growing new feathers? 

I started knitting again. Just some leg warmers and some fingerless mitts. I still need to try my hand at gloves, but I'm such a chicken! (haha). I always worry I'll get into the pattern and then get lost and not be able to finish. so I don't start. Stupid, eh? Just do eeet! 

That's all for now. Got to get the husband up so we can go to Costco! 
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auntie hallie's sparkling planetauntiehallie on October 20th, 2010 02:34 am (UTC)
someone STOLE your PUMPKIN!?!? oh they will burn. I'm putting the most powerful hex on them right now that I am capable of doing. RATS.

HAHAHAH - Little didn't lay an egg because she knows Greg loves her too much to put her in the stew pot - ha!!

And yes, now they're nice and fat from the summer, good time to process 'em and put 'em in the freezer! Once the light's low for the days, they lay next to nothing. At that point you're feeding them a lot and keeping them out of love and not economy.