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28 October 2010 @ 10:26 pm
slow october  
October is notoriously slow in the salon biz. All the stylists at work are complaining about their slow schedules. Today I had nothing, absolutely nothing on the books. Drag! And not the fun kind, either.  Tomorrow, at least, I have some people coming in.
Mom is here visiting, and that's always fun. Nick is working on his halloween costume, which he has decided will be a tank. I'm off the hook making it though, as I have to work. Ha! That is a first. I've always been the one in charge of the costumes before now. Sort of nice, the kid making his own costumes.

Greg is working on our car, which has some weird electrical problem. The battery appears to be charged, but the car will only start if it's being jumped. Hmmmm...will work on that some more tomorrow.  Sunday we're heading down to Portland to trick or treat with the cousins.

I am bent on buying myself a pair of boots that I tried on tonight. Nothing fancy, but I have to make some good tips tomorrow!  I guess I better think of getting some sleep so that I can do a good job tomorrow for the peeps. 
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