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Martini Fontaine
09 June 2010 @ 10:53 pm
The boys are still away. I sort of thought that they'd come home today due to rain and lots of it. They're up backpacking in the Olympic National Forest. They have to come home tomorrow because Greg has to work tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a crazy busy day at work. completely slammed from 10-7. Gads. At least I'm sitting most of the time. Ha!
Had the best dinner tonight...baked sweet potato, salmon, steamed veggies and Pim's for dessert. Makes up for not eating all day.  Mostly.

Yesterday I went shopping and found some white pants. I know! WHITE! PANTS! Why on earth would I do such a thing?? I have no idea. They actually seem sort of cute. I'm feeling good about it. It's summery. I'm trying to WILL summer to actually show it's shiny face. It poured down rain all day today. So I've been drawn to bright colors lately. I've had to buy pretty much all new clothes because all of my old stuff was, well, old. And recently about a size too big. I think the next thing I need is another cute pair of sandals for summer. Something I can wear to work.  

Soooooo....yeah. This is why I only post once every couple of months. My life just isn't that exciting.  I work, I come home, make dinner, take care of the chickens, watch some tv or read and then go to sleep. That's about it. 

But I promise, if anything exciting happens...I'll let ya know. 
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Martini Fontaine
06 June 2010 @ 07:07 pm
 Yeah, it's still raining here. We had that one nice day and now it's back to yuck. We were going to plant some more plants today, but nobody wanted to do it in the rain. 

I've been trying to remember to take my temperature every morning before I get out of bed. I do this to try and get a gage on my thyroid. I have many symptoms of low thyroid, but always test in the "normal" range. Which I totally think is bunk, btw. So far I'm pretty consistently around 97.8 as an average. So I'm just slightly low in thyroid. Which means it would be very easy to adjust and cost practically nothing. In fact, it would probably cost less than the allergy medicine which I've been paying loads for the last, oh ten years or so. And adjusting my thyroid may actually improve my allergy situation. I've read this book:www.amazon.com/Hypothyroidism-Unsuspected-Illness-Broda-Barnes/dp/069001029X  and learned a lot about myself. Oh gee...you mean I'm not just lazy and apathetic? Ha! 

Right now I'm trying to fight off a headache. I'm hungry, tired and cold. Making dinner right now which will take care of the hungry part. Steaming potatoes in my new steamer that I received for my birthday and baking a chicken breast that we marinated in Newman's marinade in the toaster oven.  I also have a cheesecake in the freezer that I'll take out when we start eating. Mmmmmm.....maybe I'll have tea too. Or better yet..cocoa with irish cream! We have a winner! 

Did you three (I know there's at least three of you out there) notice that this is the SECOND post in TWO days?? Did you?? 
This is made possible by the lovely and useful MacBook that I, myself, purchased on eBay last month. Happy Mother's Day to me! So now, I'm reclining in my living room with my family, "watching" a documentary called The Lazy Environmentalist and postin on LJ. Sweeeet!

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Martini Fontaine
05 June 2010 @ 08:59 pm
 Yes, while today was decidedly spring-like, I'm skeptical.  We had absolutely crap weather this spring...and by that  I mean crappier than usual. If we get even one tomato out of the garden, it will be a bloody miracle. 

To sum up, April and May were cold, windy and rainy. Today was the first day it's been over 60 degrees in.....a very long time. Hopefully tomorrow will be good so I can help Greg finish mowing the lawn. It's been raining so much that the grass grow exponentially every day and is also too wet to mow. Great! At least we got a weed whacker. 

Work is going really well. I think by the end of summer there will a lot of changes taking place...we're losing at least two, probably 3 people. Two of them from the spa. We'll see what happens. I'm realizing that some time in the last 10 years, something happened to me. I just do not get stressed out about work stuff anymore! Like people who are not happy and bitch all day at work? Just don't seem to bother me. LOL Well, okay, sometimes in the immediate, they bother me, because common - get the fuck over it, already! It's work! Sometimes it's not perfect. That's the way it goes. But all in all, I am really good these days about letting all of that roll off my back and not worrying about it. Yay me! 

Last week was my 39th birthday. Woot! We all went to Portland and I got completely spoiled all weekend. One of my cousins had a Memorial Day BBQ and it was great to see all the family in one place.

We had a family tragedy last month - on May 3rd my cousin's 11 year old daughter,Joy,  was hit by a suburban while getting the mail after school. She was life-flighted to Doernbecher in Portland. She has since had numerous surgeries and many ups and downs. She had severe head trauma and had to have steel rods inserted into her neck to support her spine. Her collar bone was cracked, but is not mostly fused, and her ankle was broken, but is also cleared for partial weight bearing. She still has a long road ahead of her. She can't focus her eyes, and she can't speak. Her movements are very limited. She can't eat and for some reason they haven't figured out yet, when they feed her with her feeding tube, she throws up.  Her mom and dad and two brothers lives have been turned upside down. On the up side, she's in the best of hands;   we all got to see our whole family in action in taking care of these dear people and their baby girl. Everyone has been amazing. The man who hit her was a friend and neighbor....I think about him a lot. His daughter and Joy used to play together. He's broken right now, emotionally. He was not speeding and he was not impaired. It was a bad blind corner. There have been numerous fund raisers for Joy and her family, the community support is overwhelming. It's nice to see something good come out of such a tragedy. I didn't get to see her while I was in Portland last weekend because of her rehab schedule, but I did get to hug her dad and her aunt and uncle and grandma and grandpa - the ones who have been taking up most of the slack since it happened. It felt right to have everyone together for a gathering after having this sort of accident. 

So, I guess perspective is good - thinking about my family and what they're going through makes my measly troubles seem insignificant. 

More to post, but must break now! I'm going to have to take a class on the new features, I guess. I have no idea what's going on around here anymore!
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Martini Fontaine
17 March 2010 @ 10:07 pm
Which is to say, hurray for the British guy who was enslaved by Irishmen, escaped and then returned again to Ireland as a missionary, and so became an Irish Saint. Hmmmm....

Well, in celebration of Patrick's (if that really *was* his name) good graces, we enjoyed a lovely dinner of corned beef  with cabbage and potatoes. Yum. And for dessert: Guinness cupcakes with Baily's butter-cream frosting. Hallelujah!  We bought the corned beef at the local butcher (Farmer George) where they marinate it themselves right there. This morning before work I seared the outside of the roast and then plopped it into the crockpot with a bottle of Guinness and left it on low until I got home. Then I steamed up some cabbage and made gravy (with the Guinness and drippings from the crock pot *slobber*) to put on the potatoes Greg had cooked. Masterpiece, I tell you.

So last Saturday I was doing this last minute Pedicure - she literally called at the last minute and I stayed an hour late to do her feet. Which is really okay, because she'll be back and we can use the business. In the course of our conversation, she mentioned that she was trying to unload her house (the one that her dead husband designed and had built) but in our current market, it wasn't going so well. She said she thought that it had a lot to do with the fact that the house came on 3 acres. I said, well, we've been looking at houses on some acreage, meaning that if we were looking, I'm sure someone else would be looking too. But she took it to mean I was probably *interested* in her house...which I might have been.

She starts describing it to me: It's just under 4200 sq. ft....
Me: The house?
LPL: Yes, and it has a pool and a hot tub and a three car garage...
Me: Wow!
LPL: And this building...not really a barn, but a large enough space to park an RV
Me: Oh, nice!
LPL: And the master suite has a soaking tub..
Me: Well, you can stop right there, because that is all I require really...a soaking tub
She doesn't stop right there...she goes on: And your son would really love it because the master bedroom is sort of in one part of the house and the rest of the bedrooms are in a different wing
Me thinking *it has wings???*
Me: It sounds fantastic. Do you have animals?
LPL: Well, only the deer and foxes and raccoons that live wild around the area...
(she goes into a lengthy story about how she decided to start feeding the raccoons - there started out being two and she ended up with about 15 - they would come up to her sliding glass doors and bang on the window for food. Good Lord, woman!)
She continutes: I am going to put it on the market for 685K, but if you want to buy it from me before it goes on the market, I could come down from there. *smiling hopefully*

Me *thinking* Um, lady? Did you notice that I'm SCRUBBING YOUR FEET???

Whoa. Some people just don't live in the same reality that I do. I mean, she was nice and all...she even wrote down the address for me so that we could drive by and see if it suited us. I'm thinking of calling her and saying that what with all the raccoon traffic and that giant lawn to mow, it's just not our style. Thanks, but we'll keep looking. Ha!
Think she'll come back for another pedicure?

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Martini Fontaine
03 March 2010 @ 11:20 pm
Working seriously cuts into my social schedule.

So thanks to Staci for giving me a "nudge". I've been thinking of posting, but something always seems to come up.

It's been a while, so here's the reader's digest version:

I *did* in fact get some new Danskos for work. I love them. I had to have them stretched out though, before the stretching I hated them. Ha! They are the Sally style. lovelovelove

Work is going really well. I like the place where I work, I like the people I work with and for. It seems ideal. The head of our spa is sort of a stress case, but something has switched in me over the last 10 years and other people being stressed out at work just does not phase me like it used to. I'm not sure when that happened. I give props to The Journal of Radical Mediocrity.
(Sadly, in my absence, all my LJ knowledge leaked out of my brain, so here is that link:
halliessparklingplanet.wordpress.com/2009/01/21/the-man-and-principles-of-radical-mediocrity/  )

I have been doing more in the way of skin care at work - waxing, facials, body treatments. Loving it!! Aveda is great. I love my job. What else can I say? I get to go to work and chat with people I like and do girly stuff all day. I WIN!

The chickens are doing great. I estimate we get about 18-20 eggs a week. They will pick up when we start getting more sun. Which seems to be happening a lot earlier than last year. It's been positively spring like out for the last couple of weeks. The trees are all in bloom. The crocuses are blooming. *sigh* I love spring.

And! We got our garden in last weekend! I'm so excited! We doubled our garden space by adding a second raised bed. So far we've planted: Sugar snap peas, lettuce, red cabbage, spinach,  onions, radishes, herbs, and there are still carrots in the ground left over from last fall! Bonus carrot patch! So awesome. Lots more to plant and pictures forthcoming.

Last week I got to fly to Wilmington to visit friends. *bliss* Greg and Nick stayed home, so mama was out alone! It was loads of fun. I snorgled Beth's beautiful baby boy, attended Marissa's baby shower and made her a belly cast (she's due in April), had dinner with friends, had sweet tea, played with the kids and the dogs and the grownups. I can't wait to go back. Which we will be doing in October for a wedding. Hey, if the travel expenses start to get high enough, it may be more cost effective to just move back. Heh.

Greg's job is still there *whew*. We are very fortunate to both have jobs right now. So I really shouldn't complain. I just wish I had more free time. I really got used to all that free time. Ah well.

I just read a great book called Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. It was great. I'm looking forward to listening to The Time Traveler's Wife - by the same author, before seeing the movie. I'm SUPER looking forward to seeing the new Alice and Wonderland. I think I'm going to take Nick to see it at the IMax. Woo! Also, The new TRON movie looks like Geek Paradise. I'm so there.

So, that's about it. Actually, that is just really all the time I have. If I'm not in bed by midnight, I turn into a wicked witch. Muah.
I'll do better!

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Martini Fontaine
24 November 2009 @ 02:37 pm
(mmmmmmm...brunching on leftover pot roast with potatoes, carrots and gravy......)

Um, Thanksgiving? Is like two days away. I am just not as prepared as I was last year, so I hope everyone is forgiving this time around! *ahem* I've decided to give myself a break since I'm working this year - I just don't have the time that I used to, ya know? That's the way it goes.

I still need to hit the liquor store, but other than that, I've done all the shopping. I swore I would not go near a market until after the weekend, so I got it all done yesterday - picked up the turkey from Farmer George even! Here's the menu:

Mashed potatoes
Butternut squash
Home canned corn
Home grown green beans
Home canned baked beans
Home made refrigerator rolls (thanks to mom)
Home made cranberry sauce
Pumpkin Cheese cake
Blackberry pie

Also for the relish tray:
Home made dill and sweet pickles

And then Cousin Maria is bringing:
Oyster stuffing
Fruit salad
Relish tray
Brownies (not the fun kind)

Plus we'll have:
(hopefully) homemade hard cider
Captain morgan's and coke
Raw milk from Farmer George
Greg's homebrew

Think that'll do it? Smiley

Today we're cleaning up the house, not too much to do, just tidying up and cleaning the floors. I think I'm going to ask Greg to vacuum while I'm at work tomorrow so I don't have wear a mask around for the rest of the day.

I have to work on Friday, so I was convinced there was no way I would go to the Black Friday chaos at Fred Meyer again...but then I just looked at the ad and I think I may just do it. I need a winter coat and all of theirs will be 60% off, plus I can get new underwear and socks on the cheap. Last year Fred Meyer wasn't so bad...not nearly the crowd I expected. We actually had room to push a cart around! So I don't know. If I can get in there and get out again without too much trouble, I may even be able to nap before I have to go to work. We'll see.....

Greg has some jowl bacon from the pig that he help slaughter up on Shaw Island a few weeks ago with Podchef. Friday morning we're planning on having that and our own fresh eggs for breaky along with the Stumptown coffee that Hal is bringin. Yum! A whole weekend of awesome food - my favorite!!

Also - Greg had a road show this weekend, so we finally got the car in to get all the brakes serviced. Hurray! We can stop! Any time we want! I should be picking the car up any time now. And we also got all of the crawl space vents insulated and the back yard cleaned up and fit for visitors. Color me motivated!
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Martini Fontaine
11 October 2009 @ 09:43 am
Now that I'm working again, I find it hard to sleep in. Saturday I come home tired and it's all I can do to stay up past Nick's bed time! This morning I woke up around 8 (which is when my alarm usually goes off) and decided to just get up about half an hour later. It was the perfect morning to make a cup of coffee and sit outside in the sunshine. It's cold, but I was bundled up. I fed the chickens and then sat down to watch them.

The squirrels are out in force. I watched one run up through the trees around our back yard. Every once in a while he would start barking and a squirrel in the neighbor's  yard would answer. Lots of small birds around in the forest too. Everyone was busy except me. Maybe that's why it's so relaxing.

Our biggest Orpington, Lemon, was acting anxious while I was out there - pacing around the pen and going back and forth from the chicken house to the trough. She was getting ready to lay her egg for the day. When she finally went into the hen house and I could hear her in the nesting box, Little sort of went on guard: she stood very still and made this very low trilling sound. All the other chickens were still for a bit. Then after about 2 minutes, they all started grazing again. Lemon was in the house for another few minutes when Apple, one of the Reds, started BawkBawk-Ba -GAWK-ing really loudly. She did it five or six times and then stopped for a few minutes, then stuck her head inside the hen house and did it again for a longer period of time. It was like she was shouting at Lemon to hurry up! I think she wanted to be in there laying HER egg! I heard Lemon lay the egg (no loud BaGAWK-ing from her, though) and opened up the lid to take out the still warm egg. mmmm! I told her thank you while she got a drink of water and then before I could close the lid again, Apple was up in the nesting box.  All this time, I expected it was the chicken who was doing the actual laying that was making so much noise, but it turns out Apple is just bossy. Ha!

These are my favorite days of the season. The sun is out, it's cool and crisp and the maple leaves are turning. I can wear my sweaters and start a fire in the wood stove. Aaaaaaaaah so nice!

This weekend it's my mission to buy new shoes for work. Mama needs a new pair of Danskos! Hurray for shoe shopping!

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Martini Fontaine
06 October 2009 @ 11:06 am
I'm really enjoying my new gig! So here's the scoop:

I am officially the Manicurist at Jax Salon and Spa in Gig Harbor. Jack, the owner, has worked and owned his own salon in the area for over 20 years. He has some of the most loyal clients I've ever met. He has been in his new location for just over a year. It's a "5 star" Aveda salon and full spa. As the "manicurist" I am part of the spa team, I do spa manis and pedis (no artificial nails at Aveda). This is very different from doing hair - but I like it.  Don't get me wrong - I still like to do hair. However I'm feeling that at this point in my life I am more focused on taking care of people and healing and the spa is the perfect place for me. Last week I had my Esthetics license transferred over from Oregon (Hurray!) so that I will be able to do even more of the spa services - facials, body treatments, waxing. We also do ear candling, which is totally awesome.

Everyone at the salon has been great; supportive, gracious, friendly. I couldn't have fallen into a better spot. I'm feeling really grateful to have been given this opportunity.

The extra paycheck doesn't hurt, either. ;)

In other news....my allergies! I just can't believe how bad it's gotten. I've been reduced to using an inhaler about twice a week, even. I'm like the nerdy kid with the bad glasses who can't breath because you're wearing CLOTHES. Made of MATERIAL. This is simply intolerable. I refuse to be made an invalid by dust and mold. Last week Greg and I did a thorough deep cleaning. And we've kept it up all week, this week again dusting and vacuuming. I don't know what else we can do. I may have to fork over some of my newly earned dough to a doctor who can give me shots for my allergies. I have got to get some relief at some point. NONE of the drugs that I'm currently taking are effective: either they make my sinuses dry up so that they hurt and still not be able to breath, they put me to sleep, or I notice no discernible difference after I've taken them. Or a combination of any of those things. Stupid drugs.  For now I'm going to try going herbal again - nettles and eyebright, local honey and now raw milk from a local farm. I would be eating raw garlic every day if I didn't have to go to work at a 5 star spa. heh. Yeah, I'm thinking that would NOT go over well.


Our garden is growing right along. We had another batch of fresh green beans for dinner last night - the plants just keep on giving! And we have a fridge full of tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes. Something is eating my new red cabbage shoots like crazy...I may have to spray. We're getting ready to mulch everything for winter. We should have more lettuce before too long. And spinach too!

Our chickens are laying!! It's so exciting! I was so happy that I got to be the one to find the first egg! I felt like a giddy little girl. LOL They are so awesome - bright orange yolks and still really small pullet eggs. For the last four days, we've been getting three eggs a day - wow. I may be able to sell some of them to people at work. If we start getting six eggs a day, I'm not sure what we'll do with them all! They are such good girls!

We've had some beautiful sunny, cool Autumn weather here this week. I'm trying to soak it up. I love this time of year! We really need to get out and hike some more before the rains come. And I've got to start knitting again soon. So many things to do, so little time!
Martini Fontaine
29 August 2009 @ 07:27 pm

I was out running all over town most of the day, picking peaches and then going on a wild goose chase to find a moving sale that ended up as a big goose EGG. Bah! So comfort food was in order.

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Martini Fontaine
28 August 2009 @ 04:41 pm
This week I:

~started reorganizing our utility room/pantry due to finding mouse droppings. Boo! We mouse-proofed all the edibles and actually caught one of the little buggers last night in a sticky-trap.
~switched with Greg who has been using the third bedroom for his music gear to using that room for my crafting. Greg's keyboard is now in the living room and all my crafty crap is in the "office".
~with all the reorganizing and room-switching did a lot of cleaning, dusting and laundry...
~Freecyled a bunch of crap I haven't used in years, paints, Christmas stuff, fabric, etc.
~Baked bread, twice
~canned some blackberry jam: it didn't turn out. It's more like blackberry syrup - that Ball Blue Book let me down! It was their recipe for jam without pectin. Note to self - always use pectin!!
(we'll just have to use it on our pancakes, heh.)
~had my final interview for a position as a nail technician at a local Aveda salon.
~ Got hired!! Hurray! I start next Thursday.
~home schooling: we are reviewing third grade stuff and getting ready for fourth grade things. A couple hours every day for now.
~watched my winter crop start to come out of the dirt! Radishes, carrots, lettuce, cabbage and squash. We also planted some pumpkins, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
~started watching season three of Battlestar Galactica, which we picked up at the library. It's totally evil! I can't stop watching it!
~got to see Greg catch an escaping chicken, which was flying at him - he snatched her right out of the air! Now *that's* entertainment, folks.
~made some jewlery - a bracelet and most of a necklace.

Tomorrow I'm going to pick peaches. Wish me luck!
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