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09 June 2010 @ 10:53 pm
home alone  
The boys are still away. I sort of thought that they'd come home today due to rain and lots of it. They're up backpacking in the Olympic National Forest. They have to come home tomorrow because Greg has to work tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a crazy busy day at work. completely slammed from 10-7. Gads. At least I'm sitting most of the time. Ha!
Had the best dinner tonight...baked sweet potato, salmon, steamed veggies and Pim's for dessert. Makes up for not eating all day.  Mostly.

Yesterday I went shopping and found some white pants. I know! WHITE! PANTS! Why on earth would I do such a thing?? I have no idea. They actually seem sort of cute. I'm feeling good about it. It's summery. I'm trying to WILL summer to actually show it's shiny face. It poured down rain all day today. So I've been drawn to bright colors lately. I've had to buy pretty much all new clothes because all of my old stuff was, well, old. And recently about a size too big. I think the next thing I need is another cute pair of sandals for summer. Something I can wear to work.  

Soooooo....yeah. This is why I only post once every couple of months. My life just isn't that exciting.  I work, I come home, make dinner, take care of the chickens, watch some tv or read and then go to sleep. That's about it. 

But I promise, if anything exciting happens...I'll let ya know. 
Current Mood: fullfull
livininthelightlivininthelight on June 11th, 2010 04:54 pm (UTC)
That's awesome they went on the hike ! I wish someone would take the who know who away for a few days leaving me totally alone lol.

White pants ? I've been thinking of some myself.

I love it when you make trips back to LJ :)